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Members of the first Urban District Council of Letchworth (Garden City)

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Document, titled 'Members of the first Urban District Council of Letchworth (Garden City)'. Shows the names and black and white oval photos of all 15 members: C.F. Ball (Chairman), P.W. Bichener, H. Bond Holding, H.D. Clapham, Rev. H. Cubbon, C.E. Foster, E.H. Wightman, Miss Bartholomew, Mrs. Gaunt, Mrs. Steen, W.G. Furmston, C.J. Hill, J. van Hooydonk, J.J. Kidd, J.T. Openshaw. Also states the name of the Clerk: Mr. George Brown. At the top on the left is printed 'First Parish Council formed April, 1908'. On the opposite side is written 'First Urban District Council, Elected April 9th, 1919. Printed at the bottom of the page: 'Souvenir printed, published, and distributed gratis as a Supplement to THE CITIZEN, April 17th, 1919, by the Letchworth Printers Ltd., Norton Way N.'

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Letchworth Printers

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Members of the first Urban District Council of Letchworth (Garden City)

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Kate Gaunt came to Letchworth, with her husband William, in 1905. Gaunt was a member of the Letchworth Urban District Council from its formation in 1919, until 1923. She was also a member of the Board of Guardians Committee for 25 years, and was President of the Hitchin Division Constitutional Association (Letchworth Branch). Gaunt was made a Justice of the Peace in 1921, and regularly sat on the Letchworth bench. She also was a founder and active support of the Girls Club. At her passing A W Brunt said “Mrs Gaunt was one in whom was all the virtues of a Good Samaritan"

Associated persons

Furmston, William G. Mr
Ball, C. F.
Bichener, Percy William
Holding, Henry Bond
Clapham, Howard Dennis
Cubbon, Rev. Henry
Foster, Charles Edwin
Wightman, Edwin Herbert
Openshaw, John Thomas
Kidd, John James
Hooydonk, Joseph van
Hill, Charles John
Bartholomew, Miss Frances Maud
Gaunt, Mrs Kate
Steen, Mrs Margaret

Associated organisations

Letchworth Urban District Council
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