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Photograph of the Drawing Office at 296 Norton Way South

Brief description

Black and white photograph of the Drawing Office at 296 Norton Way South, Letchworth

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Content description

Five men are sitting on high stool chairs at desks working on paper items. The room has high ceilings with beams, with several round light fittings hanging down from long cords. The light coloured walls have a dark coloured picture rail, from which several framed pictures are hung. In the corner is a cupboard with a shelving unit next to it, holding rolls of paper and also a side board with a telephone placed on the surface. There are several windows, running along the left side, allowing a lot of light into the room. Handwritten on the reverse in pencil is 'Main workroom in Mr Parker's office'.

Content place

Norton Way South
Letchworth Garden City

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Unwin, Raymond
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