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Photograph of 102 Wilbury Road, Letchworth.

Brief description

Black and white photograph of 102 Wilbury Road, designed by Parker and Unwin in 1908.

Production date


Content description

This shows the interior of a room with a beamed ceiling. There is a brick build fireplace with overmantle, a bench seat on the left side of the hearth and a low armchair to the other side. There is a large, circular gateleg table to the far left. Also visible is a view through to the next room, where there is a chair and a wooden stair case.

Content object

Arts and Crafts
Philip Clissett chair
Beamed ceiling
Fitted bench

Content place

Wilbury Road

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Unwin, Raymond
Parker, Stanley
Parker, Signe
image LBM4065.24.1

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