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Photograph of Glaed Hame, Letchworth

Brief description

Sepia tint photograph of Glaed Hame, designed by Parker and Unwin and built 1906.

Production date


Content description

This shows the interior of a room, with a large fireplace. There are built in bench seats on each side. The fireplace is tiled and enclosed by a wooden surround, with a shelf arranged above it. There are lights mounted on upright beams in the room. There are several built in book cases and wooden floor boards have been covered with rugs. A staircase can be seen through an opening in the wall. This house has an open-plan design with the option of large sliding doors to create smaller rooms when needed. The tracking on the floor to enable the doors to slide can be seen.

Content object

Arts and Crafts
Inglenook fireplace
Beamed ceiling
Fitted bench
Metal fireplace hood
Clissett style chair

Content place

Pasture Road

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Unwin, Raymond
Pearsall, Howard D.
image LBM4065.16.6

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