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The Dining Room at Kings Langley Priory as restored

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A line illustration by Michael Durrant, an architect in Barry Parker's Architectural office, of 'the Dining room at Kings Langley Priory as restored'. This drawing of the dining room shows the space with wooden beamed ceiling and stone surround ingles, doorways and windows. The arts and crafts furniture is minimal and includes a dresser and table. The table has plain bench seating and a plain carver chair at the head of the table. The room is decorated with a collection of paintings. Verso is written 'The Dining room at Kings Langley Priory as restored', Barry Parker has signed the back. According to various other sources the alterations and additions made to this property were completed in 1912. Many more architectural drawings, interior sketches and watercolours relating to Barry Parker are held in the collection.

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Kings Langley Priory, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Durrant, Michael
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