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Photograph of Crabby Corner

Brief description

Black and white photograph of Crabby Corner, designed by Parker and Unwin and built 1904-05. Many items of furniture now form part of the Garden City Collection.

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Content description

This shows the interior of a room. To the right there is a curved alcove, within which there is a recessed fire grate. Above the fireplace is an alcove with a small sculpted figure positioned in it. To the left of the fireplace is a corner seat with two pierced back rests that have a woven design. There is also a day-bed style seat, with a panelled back on the far left and behind that, a piano and stool. Hung around the room are framed paintings and sketches, lit by wall mounted lamps placed nearby.

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Arts and Crafts


Crabby Corner Letchworth Hertfordshire B [the rest is obscured by a label]

Content place

Crabby Corner

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Unwin, Raymond
Pearsall, Howard D.
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