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May Day procession

Brief description

Photograph, sepia tint, showing part of a May Day[?] procession outside The Settlement. The people in the procession are standing with a cart full of hay. The people around the cart are wearing 'rural' costume, many holding pitchforks. The children are wearing smocks that have an emblem - possibly of significance. Persons include A W Brunt. Same event as LBM2725 which identifies it as 'Labour May Day 1925'. Early Letchworth May Days celebrated different types of work labour - including processions of, for example, bricklayers, chimney sweeps, and here, presumably, rural labourers. One of a set of four photograph cards with cut out sections. The cut out is contemporary to the photograph, and likely part of a prototype by the photographer to make a composite postcard. The photograph was previously part of the Letchworth Loan files, now conserved.

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May Day

Associated persons

Brunt, A. W. Mr
image LBM2723.3

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