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Photograph of St. Brighids

Brief description

Sepia tint photograph of St. Brighids, Sollershott West, designed by Parker and Unwin for Edmund Hunter (of St Edmundsbury Weaving Works) and built in 1908.

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Content description

This is an exterior view of the front of the property, after the additions of the studio (in 1914) and additional studio and garage (in 1923). The lantern, which was added to admit more light into the house, can be seen in this photograph. The building has a number of climbing plants attached to its walls, and there is also a tree and bushes on the left.

Content object

Arts and Crafts
Mullion window
Whitewashed, roughcast walls

Content place

Sollershott West
St. Brighids

Associated persons

Parker, Barry
Unwin, Raymond
Hunter, Edmund

Associated organisations

St Edmundsbury Weaving Works
image LBM2545

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