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Entrance to the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition

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Photograph from an album of photographs by Donald W Brunt (senior). The photograph depicts the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition looking from the direction of the entrance to the exhibition along a road that led from and to the temporary stop at the railway and looking towards the length of Exhibition Road (now Nevells Road). To the left are the Sheds, used to house exhibition and refreshment rooms and in the centre is a large arbour and garden. The road around this arbour is circular and could be Letchworth's first roundabout but there is no evidence that the traffic went in one direction. The photograph offers views of many of the exhibition areas such including, Norton Way North, Cross Street and The Quadrant, it appears to have been taken from a height although there were no landmarks at the time that we are aware of that would offer this opportunity. A small area, where there was a sign, has been covered over by the photographer. In the original album there was a shorthand note below the photograph which is indecipherable.

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Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

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The Sheds
Nevells Road
Cross Street
Norton Way North

Associated persons

Brunt, Donald W
image FGCHM 868.66

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