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Martindale Cottage of Exhibition Road

Brief description

Photograph from an album of photographs by Donald W Brunt (senior). The photograph depicts entry number 45 in the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition, a pair of cottages situated on Nevells Road. The photograph was taken during the competition as there is a label '45' (its exhibition catalogue entry number) on the front door of the right cottage. The cottages were designed by A T Martindale of Bridlington and were built by T V Martindale.

Object name


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Content event

Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

Content concept


Content place

Nevells Road

Associated persons

Brunt, Donald W
Martindale, A T
Martindale, T V
image FGCHM 868.135 no 45
image FGCHM 868.135
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image FGCHM 868.135 no 45

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