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Postcard of Animals' Welfare Week - Children in costume

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Postcard of an outside view with children in fancy dress, houses in background.

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Copy negative from original postcard, outside view with children in fancy dress, houses in background. Previously identified as taken on Nevells Green, looking towards Nevells Road but this would not account for the houses on the right. Could possibly be taken from the garden of the Central Preparatory School, Commerce Avenue. Photograph depicts Animals' Welfare Week, as reported in The Citizen 6th June 1924 (date according to handwritten annotation on LBM file), this has been identified by the description of the children in the article, accordingly: 'In the fancy dress section which followed, we had girls and boys from the Council schools and from private schools, and here was a pleasing riot of fantasy and colour. The Central Preparatory School was represented by characters from the nursery rhymes, a King and Queen and Pages, a most alarming witch, with steeple hat and broom, a bonnie Highland lassie, and a little girl who represented a pretty pink cockleshell. Many other children walked in this part of the procession with banners inculculating kindness to animals' (see FGCHM 793.2), c. 1924. See s/unaccessioned material/ animals' welfare week for full articles for 1924 and 1925.

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Animals' Welfare Week
image FGCHM 793.1

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