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Book of words for The Garden City Pantomime of 1910

Brief description

Hard-cover book of words for the 1910 Garden City Pantomime, which was written by Charles Lee and C. B. Purdom. It is a hardback volume printed in dark brown ink on cream paper with grey card covers.

Object name


Production organisation

J M Dent & Co. Ltd

Production date


Content description

It is a hardback volume printed in dark brown ink on cream paper with grey card covers. It was published by J. M. Dent & Sons Limited of Aldine House, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, at a cost of one shilling net, and printed by Letchworth's Arden Press. It contains the complete pantomime text as well as a cast list, and gives the date of performance as Saturday January 22 1910. Inside the front cover is a pencil signature from Charles Lee. On page 13 is the song Spirit of the Place, which references living in arts and crafts houses.



Content activity

amateur dramatics

Content date


Content event


Associated persons

Lee, Charles
Purdom, Charles Benjamin
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