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Photograph of George Harry and Lena McGready

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A black and white duplicate photograph of George Harry and Lena McGready. The pair can be seen holding a dog and a cat, c. 1920s to 1930s. Harry married Lena Harkness in 1914. The McGready family bought the Harkness Rose company in 1913, propriertor being George Harry McGready.

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Harkness' Roses, who were specialists in the care and growth of rose plants, grew their own roses in "The Rose Gardens" Nurseries. Prospective customers would then come and view the variety of roses that were on offer for purchase, or by viewing a seasonal catalogue. By selling to "a very high degree of perfection", R. Harkness' and Co Ltd promoted themselves as growing the "finest quality plants."

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Harkness' Roses
R. Harkness & Co
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