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Photograph of employees of the British Tabulating Machine Company

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Black and white photograph of employees who worked for the British Tabulating Machine Company.

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Digital copy of black and white photograph showing a posed group of women. Identified by donor as employees of the British Tabulating Machine Company who worked on assembling components for the Bombe at the Spirella factory, photographed in 1945. Some of the individuals in the group have been identified by two of the women in the photograph as: Mary Triplow (marr. Sapsed), Peggy Topham, Alice Haynes, Deanne Wallace, Cissie Smith, Helen Wilbraham, Win Hodder (piano teacher), Sheila Jennings, Doris Hoffman, Barbara Hathley, Joan Johnson (marr.), Mrs Day (Union Leader), Mrs Bumfield, Mrs Crowe (Salvation Army), Mrs Buttle, Mrs Killen, Connie Cain. See attached image file and linked word document for identified individuals.

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British Tabulating Machine Company
image FGCHM 2003.59.16

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